Tanning for Men

The tanning trend has become just as popular among men as it is among women. What has fueled this craze further is the images of bronzed, tanned men in billboards, movies, televisions shows, and other media portrayals.

The “tall, dark, and handsome” ideal for men is making various tanning methods, procedures, and products very popular among male consumers, and many manufacturers offer a separate men’s line of tanning products specifically for this market.

Natural Outdoor Tanning

Men who spend lots of time outdoors already have a natural-looking tan (for instance, the “farmer’s tan”). Surfers, athletes, swimmers, or those who spend a lot of time working outside have the advantage of that natural bronzed look that a lot of others aspire to achieve.

That said, there are risks involved in overexposure to the sun. Staying under the sun for too long (especially if the skin is not adequately protected) can cause damage such as wrinkles and dehydration, or even skin cancer.

Tanning Beds?

There is no specific rule against men using tanning beds at local salons. If you have no qualms about it, tanning beds are an alternative if you want to achieve that tan but you do not have a lot of time to hit the beach or soak up the sun. You do need to be careful not to overdo it; the UV rays emitted by tanning beds can damage your skin if you do it excessively.

Spray Tanning for Men

Professional spray tanning is a more convenient option for the contemporary man who wants that youthful, glowing bronze complexion. Spray tanning booths are common in most locations. All you have to do is step inside the booth and wait for the spray mist to be applied evenly throughout your body.

Here are some spray tan tips for men to remember before getting a spray tan:

  • Make sure your skin is prepared – Preparing the skin for a spray tanning session involves showering and exfoliating beforehand. Since it is not recommended to shower for a few hours, you have to get cleaned up prior to the session. Exfoliating, meanwhile, removes dead skin cells from the top layer of skin; this makes the tanning spray more absorbent, and results in a more even tan.
  • Shave – Another thing you may have to do is to shave a few hours before your spray tanning session. Men are generally hairier than women, and too much body hair can result in streaks or blotches after tanning. Shaving too soon after a spray tan session can interfere with the darkening process, so do it before your session.
  • Know what to wear – Many tanning establishments provide you with disposable underwear which you can wear during the spray tanning session. The DHA content in spray tan solutions have been known to react with wool, linen, and silk, so avoid clothing made from those fabrics. Wear something light (swimwear is usually a good choice), and make sure you wear light, dark-colored clothing afterwards.
  • Don’t shower or swim right after – If the spray tan is exposed to water too soon, it can cause ugly streaks and uneven spots. Wait at least 8 hours before you shower or swim. You should not hit the gym or be involved in other excessively physical activities that can cause sweating either.


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