Competition Tanning

Illuminate You mobile airbrush spray tanning is Las Vegas’s best choice for bodybuilding competitions, figure, bikini and fitness competitions. Our teams of professionals use a unique solution for our competition customers containing custom color specific for each skin type. During your spray tan session we apply the tan to enhance keys parts of your body to hide defects or aid in muscle definition. The right color can set you apart from the competitors, so let us help make you a winner!

Performance Tans differ from every day tans as the need for a significantly darker colour and excellent durability presents new obstacles for the spray tanner.  Whilst clients always want to be super dark, they need to look natural and have a healthy appearance, not like they have been soaked in a vat of tan for hours. Performers put tans through conditions most every day people do not need to consider, such as stage lighting and unusual outfit/uniforms (think skimpy, tight and sometimes white uniforms) so your skills and products used must be impeccable.

Through tanning many performers who push their tan to the limit, but still require a flawless and durable result, we have developed an extensive knowledge and understanding on what will make them stand out from the crowd on stage and ensure you returning an expanding clientele. It is important to know and understand all aspects of the industry so that you can best serve your clients as performance Tanning is an elite market and very tailored skill. Competition and performance tans play a big part in the judgement criteria of a competitor, we guarantee you we won’t let you and your clients down. When tanning a performer or competitor, the tan needs to be bolder than your everyday tan. The aim with a performance tan is to accentuate the client’s figure and create a skin tone that will be radiant and draw attention on stage whilst maintaining a beautiful colour and look.  As more tan is often applied for performance tans, steps need to be taken to ensure that tan is applied evenly over the entire body and tailored to highlight the clients figure and make sure they do not look like they have just soaked in a bath of tan for hours. Performers require tans for a diverse range of performances, shows and competitions each one presenting different needs and challenges. 
For Performers, a tan is part of their act and costume.

They don’t call them competitions for no reason. With rules, regulations and different products to choose from, picking the best color for your body and type of competition is not easy. For example: spray tanning in the bodybuilding category has become a necessity, but not all competition spray tans are created equally. When planning to compete, We suggests that spray tanning be done in series prior to, and on the day of the event. In doing so the spray tan will give your muscles maximum definition. This will also ensure that your color will match others that will be at show.

Most competitors’ agree that spray tanning is one of the most involved, yet important part of their competition preparations. We know this and that’s why we work hard to make the process quick and easy while making you as comfortable as possible. It’s crucial to have a flawless competition quality tan, especially for bikini and figure stages. The perfect tan can go a long way and is highly consider factor by the judges! Don’t risk using just “any” spray tanning company, self tanners or rollers to ruin your chance at first place. Call us today! Illuminate You -The most trusted spray tanning for Bodybuilders, Fitness, Bikini and Figure competitions in Las Vegas .

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